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Get the Financial Freedom You Want
Being in debt can cause strains on your health, marriage and career. Don't let this pressure weigh you down anymore; get the financial freedom you have always wanted. Our team of legal professionals are ready to represent you in the courtroom and help eliminate your excess debt. 

We can put an end to harassing phone calls from creditors, and our attorney can help lift levies and liens on your personal property.

Peace of Mind is Around the Corner
You may qualify for:

• Foreclosure defense
• Stopping creditor harassment
• Credit repair
• Loan modifications
• Lien removal

1000's of Bankruptcies Filed
• Chapter 7 bankruptcy
• Settlements

Get a FREE Bankruptcy Consultation

If you are considering bankruptcy, give us a call today to schedule a FREE consultation with us. We will go over the benefits of bankruptcy and help you decide whether this is a step in the right direction. We are here to help secure the financial future of your family and relieve the stress you are feeling from being in debt.


When your financial troubles become too much for you to handle, lean on us to help you find your way out.

Don't wait for the debt and calls to just stop and MAKE them stop today! FREE consultations are available. 


For the past 37 years Ed Price has tried cases in State and Federal courts across West Texas for matters ranging from collections of unpaid accounts to defective construction, from defaults on contracts to defense of lawsuits filed by another. He has the experience and knowledge to help you pursue or defend your case in the courts from the justice level through the district courts.


One of the most experienced mediators in Lubbock, Ed Price has been helping people work out their disputes outside of the courtroom for many years. His success rate at assisting in settling cases is significant and he can arrange mediations at his office or at a location that is convenient to both parties. Mediation can be a quick, low cost way to resolve a dispute and Ed Price stands ready to help.


There is no more difficult time for your family than when you have lost a loved one and the last thing you need to worry about are legal matters. Unfortunately someone has to take care of the smooth transition of the estate and Ed Price has the experience and the empathy to help through those difficult times. He can also help with careful will and estate planning for your family.

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